Come join the End Time Swallows as we present a series of End Time Messages under the theme of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. While men and women everywhere are doing almost everything under the sun except preparing to meet Jesus Christ coming the second time, why not take a different stand and join the End Time Swallows. 

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End Time Swallows is a ministry of young men who have a desire to raise the standard of Christ in and around where they are. The standards of Christianity and experiences of a saint are not set out by fellow beings of this world. The only perfect man who has traversed this planet is Jesus Christ but He does not belong here. His experiences are far beyond earthly, they are of another world, the world He wishes to share with us, the world where He is the King. Although one swallow does not bring the summer as the saying goes, that does mean the group is not far behind. Soon, the whole sky will be filled with swallows heralding the summer, the time of harvest and the end of the world. Christ has given young men and women gifts and talents, which are employed to fulfil their dreams to the utmost and set their footprints and secure their standing and expand the kingdom of mankind. What if they use the same for the Kingdom of Christ, the heavenly man. What if all the young men and women realise the call of God for them to employ their best for Jesus Christ when the world is calling for their best the same time. What if all the young men and women decidedly respond to the voice that rings down from high ‘raise the standard, sound the alarm, blow the trumpet, light the fires and usher in my Kingdom, I am the Lord Jesus Christ and I am coming soon!’ It is our prayer that you become part of the ministry of End Time Swallows and take up the banner of Christ Jesus and fly it.

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End Time Swallows Singing at the SDA 61st General Conference Session at St. Louis, Missouri USA

Join us as we discussed the Last Day Events Series on “Tribulations”, “Second Coming”, “Covid-19, ”Latter Rain” and other topics on Last Day Events 

The 2017 End of Year Ministry (EOYM) Highlight conducted at Sauruan village, Markhan valley of Morobe Province Papua New Guinea.


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It is our desire that as you listen to these songs, you would share in our objectives to see people everywhere within our families, societies, communities and churches raising the banner of Christ Jesus to its rightful place. We are seeing the crumbling of family values, rising up of relative moralism, humanistic approach to embracing the gospel, the trampling underfoot the blood of the Son of God and the silencing of the voice of the Holy Ghost through the love of the world. It is high time that Christians awake out of our slumber and sleep, it is high time someone climbs the mountains to light the signaling fires, it is high time the watchmen on the walls of Zion awake out of slumber and take up their trumpets, it is time for the midnight cry to sound. Let the signaling fires be lit, let the old trumpets be blown, raise the standard up high,
higher than ever before towards the pavilion of Heaven so that the Father can see and call His Son to come take us Home.

2023 End of Year Ministry Highlight

Walume SDA Church, 2023 End of Year Ministry

The 2023 End of Year Ministry (EOYM) was of those challenging ministry year, yet we see the outstretched arm of God leading as always. 

The ministry was arranged and organized by Minister Koivi Ako conducted at Southern Highlands Province, Imbongu District. The entire End TIme Swallows moved into Walume Station and conducted a two week long evangelistic campaign with the them “The Revelation of Jesus Christ!”. Heres a snippet for this EOYM.

End Time Swallows 2023 End of Year Ministry


The 2024 End of Year Ministry (EOYM) will be held in Port Moresby. The 2023 EOYM Kibung votes Wewak as a potentialsite, however, the Kibung agrees that ALL Swallows should fly together, after finding out that some swallow members will not be able to attendWewalk venue. We praise God for the entire ETS raising their hand to fly together as a team in sounding the loud cry of the Revelation of Christ the King to the people in Port Moresby and also gathering up for the 30th Anniversary preparation! 

Praise the Lord!

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Our Story

The beginning of ETS ministry...The message that glowed in the hearts of these young men was that every individual regardless of age or status need to be involved in some form of ministry in enhancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and unless...

Our Mission

What are the Aims of End Time Swallows Ministry?...Reach young people everywhere with the message of Jesus Christ... Reach people in remote areas and share with them principals and ideas of right living and what to avoid from urban influences...

Go Make Disciples

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen!

Mathew 28 : 19 – 20


Where are We in the Biblical Timeline in the Wake of Corona Virus (Covid 19)?

Matthew 24:7

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